The Anguish of Saying Goodbye to a Pet During the Pandemic [LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE, 10/6/20]

The decision to euthanize a pet is never easy, but the isolation and unease of lockdown makes it all the more agonizing.

Could This Bill Be a First Step Toward Taking the Police out of Policing? [LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE, 6/5/20]

AB 2054 would make give new options for communities facing crises than simply calling the cops.

He Didn’t Go Away [OC WEEKLY, 11/27/19]

Ten Orange County women describe their experiences with stalkers.

How Sea-Level Rise Will Change Orange County [OC WEEKLY, 8/1/19]

Drawing on climate change experts, reports, and news accounts, I attempt to show how Orange County’s coastline will change over the next few decades, and what that will mean for those who live there.

The Firebombing Time Forgot [OC WEEKLY, 5/16/19]

More than 60 years later, I try to find out what became of the Harris family, the first African American family to move to Placentia, who were firebombed by white supremacist terrorists right after they moved in.

• Dice Are How You Flex [OC WEEKLY, 3/28/19]

Dungeons & Dragons, a role playing game born in the 1970s that requires nothing more than paper, pencils, dice, and your imagination, seems more popular than ever. I explore the world of D&D in Orange County and find that young women are some of its greatest fans.

• Bruce Hermann Hates Nazis, but  Nazis are his Top Seller [LB POST, 3/26/19]

Antiques Roadshow alum and Long Beach resident Bruce Hermann hates Nazis, but sells a lot of old Nazi antiques.

• Talking Dogs and Racism with CSUF Professor Tyler Parry [OC WEEKLY, 3/8/19]

I talk with CSUF Professor Tyler Parry about the historical and contemporary use of dogs as tools of racist subjugation.

• Erika Jordan Loves Love [OC WEEKLY, 2/14/19]

I profile sexologist/model/B-movie actress Erika Jordan, who makes her living directing custom adult videos as well as helping guys find love

• Racism at the Pike [LB POST, 2/24/19]

Remembering a largely forgotten century-old protest by African-Americans in Long Beach against a racist game at the famous Pike amusement park that still has much to teach us.

• In Search of the Mysterious OC Sheriff’s Museum [OC WEEKLY, 1/3/19]

I go in search of the mysterious and apparently non-existent Orange County Sheriff’s Department Museum.

• Almost Geek Cool [OC WEEKLY, 10/4/18]

The legendary journalist Huell Howser died in 2013. I hang out with some of his superfans, who carry his memory as they try to retrace his steps across California.

• Himpathy at UC Irvine [OC WEEKLY, 9/27/18]

More than a dozen UC Irvine professors defend a disgraced colleague who resigned after being shown to have sexually harassed at least three women. I examine why.

• The Great Parking Lot [OC WEEKLY, 8/16/18]

There’s no question the Great Park in Irvine has a certain beauty, but I can’t say it all adds up to comfort and relaxation. It’s a wonderful place, but it isn’t actually a park.

• Ripples in the Universe [OC WEEKLY, 6/28/18]

For 30 years, I thought my best friend in high school had died in an accident. Then I looked at his death certificate.

• The Patriarchy is Bad for Men, Too (MAUITIME, 1/31/18]

Sexual harassment and assault touches everyone. I discuss this with a stripper I know, and learn some difficult lessons about what men must do to make things better.

• Romance of the Skies [MAUITIME, 11/1/17]

In 1957, Pan Am Flight 7 crashed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. While investigating the mystery of its loss, I gain new insight into aviation history and myself.

• The Giant [MAUITIME, 10/12/16]

Elmer Cravalho made a mark on both Maui and Hawaii history. A man of great intelligence and energy, he wielded power on state and county stages for 25 years. A few months after his death at age 90, I examine his legacy.

• Transition Has Been Hell (OC WEEKLY, 5/22/14]

Veterans who commit suicide is a national tragedy and scandal. I know, because five months ago a close friend killed himself not long after his honorable discharge.