HT still not OK

Apparently, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle–fresh off the John McCain campaign trail, where she made a name for herself ridiculing Barack Obama's Hawaii roots–is also taking an interest in Hawaiian Telcom's troubles: "Our Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, the Consumer Advocate and the Public Utilities Commission has been closely monitoring the company's financial circumstances and … Continue reading HT still not OK

Dissing the ‘commanders in the field’

Today the Honolulu Advertiser editorial page heartily approves of President-elect Barack Obama's "apparent" choice to keep Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. "That's a smart move," the unsigned editorial puffs. "With the nation's economic turmoil rightly Obama's top priority, Gates' understanding and proven leadership in Iraq and Afghanistan will help us continue to chart the right … Continue reading Dissing the ‘commanders in the field’

Sometimes I hate it when I’m right

I usually feel good when I find that a certified smart person thinks the same way I do about politics. But in the case of Noam Chomsky's recent 7,700-word take on the election of Barack Obama in Znet, not so much. I've been watching a lot of my left-leaning friends take serious satisfaction in Obama's victory … Continue reading Sometimes I hate it when I’m right

$8 Trillion!

U.S. taxpayers are now officially on the hook for an astonishing, mind-numbing, ludicrously intolerable $8 trillion in financial sector bailouts. Woohoo! Eight trillion bucks! That's gotta be some kind of record! USA! USA! USA! And now on a more serious note, we're screwed. It's all but impossible to describe that number in a way that's … Continue reading $8 Trillion!

Gates Stays Open

Just read a shocking story broken by the Associated Press. Seems that President-elect Barack Obama has asked current Defense Secretary (and former Central Intelligence Agency Director) Dr. Robert M. Gates to stay on at least another year. And like you, my first thought was simple and obvious: Why not me? I mean, it's like I haven't … Continue reading Gates Stays Open