Leaving Maui, Part I: Things I’ve seen

Since I'm moving to Sacramento May 13 (booked my flight and everything) I've decided to write a give a kind of retrospective look at my nearly six years on Maui, before this blog starts commenting on more California-centric topics. Today I'll write about how much Maui has changed since I moved here Aug. 28, 2003. … Continue reading Leaving Maui, Part I: Things I’ve seen

Something stinks at North Beach

And it isn't the big Lahaina Wastewater Treatment Plant. Oh, wait–yes it is. You know, I used to live in Honokowai, which is just north of both the sewage plant and North Beach (all of which are located on Maui's Westside) and watched (again, over the period of years) the construction of the thousands of Honua … Continue reading Something stinks at North Beach