What? I’m Supposed To Work On Another Book?

So yeah. The good people at Event Horizon Press are asking me to do yet another book. Well, two books. They want another Charley Ridgway book, which will take time (simply making up stuff is a lot tougher than I originally thought), but they also want a non-fiction book. Specifically, they're looking for a collection … Continue reading What? I’m Supposed To Work On Another Book?

Leaving Maui, Part III: Things I didn’t do

Editing Maui Time Weekly was the best job I ever had. It was tough (I usually put in around six days a week getting the paper out the door) but it was also fun. I got to be snide, I got to play pundit and I got make the rich and powerful (or, at least … Continue reading Leaving Maui, Part III: Things I didn’t do

Reason #138 why journalism is dying

Euphemisms and cliches. They're strangling journalism, you know. Clogging up the sink like tea leaves is how I believe George Orwell put it in his essay "Politics and the English Language." I choked on more than a few this morning while listening to this Associated Press story about U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on NPR. … Continue reading Reason #138 why journalism is dying

What a difference a year makes

A tip from a friend today led me to reread Governor Linda Lingle's April 25, 2008 speech before the Hawaii Economic Association's Annual Conference. This speech exemplifies everything that's wrong with the Lingle Administration. When it first came out, I briefly commented on the speech here (third item), but looking back now, it's clear I … Continue reading What a difference a year makes

Today has not been a good day

First I inexplicably woke up at 3:51 a.m., Hawaii Standard Time. Then the Honolulu Star-Bulletin announced that it's sacking 17 people, closing its neighbor island bureaus, ditching its broadsheet in favor of tabloid size and, in general, just disappearing from the state's media world. That led to increased fears that I'll probably never work for … Continue reading Today has not been a good day

Newspapers according to Thoreau

Been relaxing with a copy of Henry David Thoreau's Walden for much of this afternoon, and I came across the following passage on newspapers. I tend to think about journalism a lot–given that until recently it's how I made my living and will probably be my profession again–and have often thought that the practice has … Continue reading Newspapers according to Thoreau

‘Fretful little bureaucratic douche bags’

Freelance writing is all hell. When I left Maui Time Weekly in early June after five years as editor, I figured my days of chasing and kicking people were long gone. "I'm just a writer now," I told more than one friend. "It's going to be easy now because I just get to deal with professional … Continue reading ‘Fretful little bureaucratic douche bags’

The numbers are in

I love ProPublica, a website entirely devoted to investigative news. Today they posted a fantastic new rundown of statistics on what exactly the Bush Administration has accomplished. Some stats show real progress over the last eight years (AIDS funding is up!) while others show some real decline in society (deportations are way up, too!). With … Continue reading The numbers are in