The future of Maui

That sufficiently dramatic for you? Good reporters stick to reporting, but I'm going to draw from my nearly six years of living on Maui and make some pretty big conclusions about the future of this island. I'd like to say this place has changed dramatically since I arrived, but it really hasn't. And that's a … Continue reading The future of Maui

Leaving Maui, Part III: Things I didn’t do

Editing Maui Time Weekly was the best job I ever had. It was tough (I usually put in around six days a week getting the paper out the door) but it was also fun. I got to be snide, I got to play pundit and I got make the rich and powerful (or, at least … Continue reading Leaving Maui, Part III: Things I didn’t do

Something stinks at North Beach

And it isn't the big Lahaina Wastewater Treatment Plant. Oh, wait–yes it is. You know, I used to live in Honokowai, which is just north of both the sewage plant and North Beach (all of which are located on Maui's Westside) and watched (again, over the period of years) the construction of the thousands of Honua … Continue reading Something stinks at North Beach