Reason #138 why journalism is dying

Euphemisms and cliches. They're strangling journalism, you know. Clogging up the sink like tea leaves is how I believe George Orwell put it in his essay "Politics and the English Language." I choked on more than a few this morning while listening to this Associated Press story about U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on NPR. … Continue reading Reason #138 why journalism is dying

Dissing the ‘commanders in the field’

Today the┬áHonolulu Advertiser editorial page heartily approves of President-elect Barack Obama's "apparent" choice to keep Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. "That's a smart move," the unsigned editorial puffs. "With the nation's economic turmoil rightly Obama's top priority, Gates' understanding and proven leadership in Iraq and Afghanistan will help us continue to chart the right … Continue reading Dissing the ‘commanders in the field’

Gates Stays Open

Just read a shocking story broken by the Associated Press. Seems that President-elect Barack Obama has asked current Defense Secretary (and former Central Intelligence Agency Director) Dr. Robert M. Gates┬áto stay on at least another year. And like you, my first thought was simple and obvious: Why not me? I mean, it's like I haven't … Continue reading Gates Stays Open