‘What Matters’ – Part Deux

Returning to the issue of our mighty American bombers dropping explosives on men, women and children unconnected to the warlords and insurgents of Afghanistan (which I most recently blogged about here), it has been hard to miss that, despite repeated hand-wringing and stirring, promising words from U.S. defense officials, we’re still doing it.

This essay by writer William Lind puts in very clear terms why this is still happening (spoiler alert: the men who actually run the U.S. military don’t come off well). Oh, and for those growing kind of hazy as to why our military–after more than seven years–is still fighting in Afghanistan, join the club and read this essay by retired U.S. Senator Fritz Hollings, which Ian Lind (no relation to William, as far as I know) blogged about last week.

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