Okay, don’t Run and Hide!

With no sense of irony or responsibility, CNN.com is reporting that swine flu “hysteria” is sweeping the nation, and that this is not really a good thing.

“After a week of headlines about the H1N1 virus, or swine flu, many emergency rooms and hospitals are crammed with people, many of whom don’t need to be there. The visits by the ‘worried well’ have triggered concerns of overburdening the nation’s hospitals and emergency departments, several health care professionals told CNN.”
Are you kidding me? This is all a big joke, right? Our nation’s mainstream media–including CNN–hypes swine flu like it’s an asteroid speeding directly towards Manhattan and then, when people freak out and swamp our hospitals, they stand back all cool and rational and report on that like they had no idea it would happen.
Look, I still consider myself a member of the media, and am generally concerned about the survival of journalism, but is it even remotely possible that my profession has simply become too stupid to live?

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