Congress is trying to make it legal once again to carry a loaded gun into national parks! Isn’t that fantastic? And by gun, I of course mean pistol, revolver, automatic, hunting rifle, shotgun, whatever. You know, there just aren’t enough places in this great nation of ours that allow a person to carry a loaded weapon.

And yes, as this Sacramento Bee article on the move points out, the Democrats are still in charge of Congress.


One thought on “Awesome!

  1. Aloha Anthony:
    Maui no ka oi! Hope you enjoyed your time over there.
    If only because I am the Mendoza in Hawaii v Mendoza (Hawaii's only SC gun case), I had to comment on your cynical or naive observation on weapons carry in national parks. First, esp. here in the 9th Circuit, no there aren't enough places for citizens to carry weapons legally. Second, aside from armed rapists or murderers in the parks, there are large scary animals w/big teeth and claws that may decide to, for example, eat/kill or carry away your menstruating wife/girlfriend/daughter. Dangerous and scary things are all over; the signs in Yosemite tell you to yell and wave your arms when the mountain lion arrives.
    In either context, you certainly have the right to clutch the floor, beg for your life, or be mauled; we the people have the right not to be the dinner of any predator, two or four legged. People like me save the lives of people like you; get with the program and think like an American.


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