Yeah, we’re playing with toys now…

I know this is all very Robot Chicken, but Angie and I found a way to mix our mutual love for Star Wars, papercrafting and general goofiness. The action figures are the cheapest Star Wars characters we could get (when you live on Maui, there are limits to what’s available, even online) and the sets (trust us, there will be more than one) are strictly paper and cardboard. This first shot was even taken by an iPhone, but rest assured that we’ll be using a kind-of expensive camera for our future episodes.
Nothing fancy here, folks, but it does keep us off the streets.
Hopefully, our sophistication will grow as we get more adept at shooting and story-telling, but in the meantime, we’re calling this series of adventures Tatoomeme Tales. Stay tuned for further developments as we get around to developing them.

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