The Dead Season, the sequel to Small Island, is now available


It hit me as a surprise, too: The Dead Season, the long-awaited sequel to my first novel Small Island, is now available at (click here to see it Amazon, or click here to see my snazzy new author’s page at Amazon). It’s currently just in paperback form, and carries the low, low price of $14.95 American.

This is the second book in what is shaping up to be a series about bartender Charley Ridgway, who has a habit of crossing some of Maui’s nastier and more colorful individuals than those usually found in island guidebooks.

The good folks at Event Horizon Press, who graciously agreed to publish this book, have decided on a different roll-out strategy that with my first novel. Only the paperback versions are out at this time. Ebooks will be available, but not for a couple months.

In the mean time, I’ll be arranging to get copies on the shelves of local book stores and then set up a few signings around the island.

Here’s that link again to buy The Dead Season at Amazon:

Also, Charley Ridgway is now on Twitter, though he doesn’t post nearly as much as he should.

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