What? I’m Supposed To Work On Another Book?

So yeah. The good people at Event Horizon Press are asking me to do yet another book. Well, two books. They want another Charley Ridgway book, which will take time (simply making up stuff is a lot tougher than I originally thought), but they also want a non-fiction book. Specifically, they're looking for a collection … Continue reading What? I’m Supposed To Work On Another Book?

Small Island: What A Novel Idea

Well, I've gone and finally gotten my novel published. It's called Small Island, and it's and old-timey noirish tale of intrigue, violence and sex set on contemporary Maui. I actually wrote the novel back in 2008-09, immediately after I resigned from MauiTime but when I was still living on island. I wrote it, edited it, … Continue reading Small Island: What A Novel Idea

Leaving Maui, Part II: Things I did

I arrived on Maui on Aug. 28, 2003 as something of a misfit. Rather than spend my life working so that I could move to a tropical paradise, I had actually rarely given living in Hawaii any thought. Instead, moving to Maui meant a promotion–in this case, from a general assignment, sometime investigative reporter at … Continue reading Leaving Maui, Part II: Things I did

‘Fretful little bureaucratic douche bags’

Freelance writing is all hell. When I left Maui Time Weekly in early June after five years as editor, I figured my days of chasing and kicking people were long gone. "I'm just a writer now," I told more than one friend. "It's going to be easy now because I just get to deal with professional … Continue reading ‘Fretful little bureaucratic douche bags’