John McGraw, Baseball, and Lynching Souvenirs

1912 image of John McGraw by Charles Conlon/Wikimedia Commons

Major League Spring Training is going on now, and though the pandemic has made the thought of going to a ballpark all but unthinkable before I’m properly vaccinated (and even after, maybe), a lifelong love of the game has sent me back to Ken Burns’s 1994 PBS series Baseball. It’s been a long time since … Continue reading John McGraw, Baseball, and Lynching Souvenirs

Why would anyone love America?

I usually reserve this space for something pithy or maybe an update on my novels, but right now it seems more fitting, more necessary, that I just write out some feelings. The massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on Wednesday night has been on my mind a lot, and I just feel the need to get … Continue reading Why would anyone love America?