Is it Thanksgiving already?

Laughing over the latest e-mail newsletter from Hawaii Lt. Governor James “Duke” Aiona. He’s a busy man, you know, traveling to Asia, opposing teen smoking in all its forms and doing photo-ops with Disney officials building a big resort in West Oahu. Scanning the newsletter, it’s painfully obvious that Duke–one of the few elected Republicans in the state–is running for governor, but of course that’s been well known since June 2007 when, with no sense of irony, Aiona told a Honolulu Star-Bulletin reporter that he was too busy being Lt. Governor to talk about the 2010 Governor’s race, even though he had just filed his campaign’s organizational report with the state Campaign Spending Commission.
Anyway, enough of that. I’ll just close early by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving–especially my friend Chris Atencio, who will be eating his turkey and trimmings (if he’s lucky to get them) in Iraq this year.

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