The future of Maui

That sufficiently dramatic for you? Good reporters stick to reporting, but I'm going to draw from my nearly six years of living on Maui and make some pretty big conclusions about the future of this island. I'd like to say this place has changed dramatically since I arrived, but it really hasn't. And that's a … Continue reading The future of Maui

What a difference a year makes

A tip from a friend today led me to reread Governor Linda Lingle's April 25, 2008 speech before the Hawaii Economic Association's Annual Conference. This speech exemplifies everything that's wrong with the Lingle Administration. When it first came out, I briefly commented on the speech here (third item), but looking back now, it's clear I … Continue reading What a difference a year makes

What exactly does DLNR mean by ‘Renaissance’?

This morning I read with great interest the Honolulu Advertiser's big story "'Renaissance' proposed for parks," concerning the state Department of Land and Natural Resources' proposed $240 million renovation plan for parks all over the state (the Honolulu Star-Bulletin ran a shorter story on the same subject back on Jan. 30). Both stories do a great … Continue reading What exactly does DLNR mean by ‘Renaissance’?

Lingle apparently wants it both ways

Skeptic though I am of all things political, I must admit–in this first hour of Barack Obama's presidency–to feeling a bit contented at the state of our nation and its government. I'm sure it will pass in due time. In other news, I just noticed some strangeness surrounding our own Governor Linda Lingle's official statement … Continue reading Lingle apparently wants it both ways

Linda Lingle’s the one!

Somehow, 49 governors and governors-elect managed to attend President-elect Barack Obama's big meeting in Philadelphia today. Guess who didn't show? That's right, our own lovely and talented Linda Lingle, governor of the Great State of Hawaii. During the election, Lingle repeatedly made herself look a lot dumber than she is by publicly denigrating Obama's Hawaii roots. Now … Continue reading Linda Lingle’s the one!

Is it Thanksgiving already?

Laughing over the latest e-mail newsletter from Hawaii Lt. Governor James "Duke" Aiona. He's a busy man, you know, traveling to Asia, opposing teen smoking in all its forms and doing photo-ops with Disney officials building a big resort in West Oahu. Scanning the newsletter, it's painfully obvious that Duke–one of the few elected Republicans … Continue reading Is it Thanksgiving already?

Let’s start with some good news…

And by "good," I unfortunately mean "lousy." CNN Money is reporting that housing prices are still plummeting at a record rate. "The S&P Case-Shiller Home Price national index recorded a 16.6% decline in the third quarter compared with the same period a year ago," CNN Money reported today. "That eclipsed the previous record of 15.1% … Continue reading Let’s start with some good news…