Linda Lingle’s the one!

Somehow, 49 governors and governors-elect managed to attend President-elect Barack Obama’s big meeting in Philadelphia today. Guess who didn’t show? That’s right, our own lovely and talented Linda Lingle, governor of the Great State of Hawaii. During the election, Lingle repeatedly made herself look a lot dumber than she is by publicly denigrating Obama’s Hawaii roots. Now she’s topped even herself by showing the rest of the nation’s governors (including Alaska’s Sarah Palin!) that she possesses all the political instincts of a lava rock wall.

Think about this: 49 governors found time in their schedules to attend Obama’s big meeting. But not our own Linda Lingle–she just can’t spare a moment from focusing on our state’s economy to fly to Philly. Hey, Linda–you think Obama and the rest of our nation’s governors, many of which also supported Senator John McCain for president, headed there on very little notice during a very cold autumn just for their health?
Just about every reporter who’s ever covered Lingle has heard of her reputation for having a long memory where slights are concerned. Maybe she doesn’t care if Obama remembers this little insult, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the state–which overwhelmingly voted Obama for president–just might.

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