Back on Island

So yeah, I took a break from work and the rain and the bitter, absurdly early winter cold and flew to Maui for a week. I arrived yesterday afternoon, and so far have done a few things. Somewhere between San Francisco and Maui I lost my Ray-Bans. Then I ran into an old friend at the Honolulu International Airport inter-island terminal. Once on Maui, I drove around in a Nissan Altima with the window rolled down and Hawaiian music on the radio. Wednesday afternoon another friend and I sat at WokStar in Kihei and ate pot stickers and fried rice, which was loaded (the fried rice was) with eggs, pineapple chunks and actual bacon. I’m staying with friends (it’s cheaper than a hotel) who are graciously letting me crash in their guest room, though they did warn me that I always need to keep the guest room door closed because they have cats and one of them is not shy about “marking her territory” on any new luggage, computers or even clothes that happen to appear in said guest room. Anyway, then we walked over to the Tiki Lounge (about 10 feet away) and saw a great guitar player named Wolfe play a few songs.

This morning I got up early and went to Little Beach (see photo) in South Maui and jumped in the water with a beautiful girl I know (I kept my shorts on, though she got topless). Then I went to Wailuku Town in central Maui and talked Hawaii (and California) politics with a state legislator I know over lunch (I had fried chicken, which was slathered in this delicious sweet Thai chile sauce).

Seriously, my life was never this interesting when I actually lived here.

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